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Google’s Project Glass

There is a pair of glasses, through which you can do a bunch of amazing stuff, like planning travel routes, taking pictures, playing music, operating acoustic control system, and chatting online. This is not in a science fiction film, it … Continue reading

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What Google & Apple want from Internet TV?

Recently, news about the new Google TV from LG can be seen everywhere, especially on social media, which makes me think about the strategy of Google and Apple on Internet TV.  I find out that under the cover of complex … Continue reading

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Five reasons why I like Google+

It is kind of notorious that Google+ is referred to as a ‘ghost town’. However, this attitude seems to me unduly fussy. I would say Google+ possesses several virtues as distinguished from other social networking services. 1. More news than … Continue reading

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Google Drive vs Dropbox , which is your choice?

Google Drive has been rumored for years,  but this time it is actually coming and going to be online in the next fewdays. As a Google apps developer,  I can tell that the only reason for the late coming of Google … Continue reading

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